The industrial arm of the Wave Group operates in the manufacturing of Sugar in the vast plants in Punjab & Uttar Pradesh. Post acquiring sugar mills in Dhanaura, Uttar Pradesh and Dasuya, Punjab in 1997-98, the Wave Group forayed into the sugar business. With 6 sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh, 1 in Punjab and a combined Sugarcane area of 1,00,000 Hectares, the Wave Group commands a definite edge in the sugar industry which has total cane crushing capacity of 29000 TCD. Its unmatched cluster of sugar mills in the Western part of Uttar Pradesh, a high concentration of large sugarcane area in close proximity to the sugar mills, unmatched irrigation facilities and the presence of highly fertile soil make it one of the largest players in North India.

The Sugar Industry:

India is the largest sugar producer in the world after Brazil and it leads in sugarcane production. However, if other sweeteners such as raw sugar and jaggery are taken into the fold, then India would be the largest overall producer of sugar. Brazil contributes approximately 22 percent of the global sugar production whereas India contributes almost 14 percent.

In India, this industry provides the livelihood for close to 2.86 lakh workers. The industry also benefits nearly 2.5 crore people who grow sugarcane in India. In India, the major sugar producing states are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.

Manufacturing of Sugar Usually, these steps are followed for sugar manufacturing:

• Extracting juice by crushing the sugarcane

• Boiling the juice to obtain crystals

• Creating raw sugar by spinning crystals in extractors

• Taking raw sugar to a refinery for the process of filtering

• Crystallizing and drying sugar

• Packaging the ready sugar

In the 2014-15 crushing season, the sugar production in India has seen an increase of 11.5 percent. The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) says that as of 31st March 2015, India had produced 24.72 million tonne of sugar and this was an addition of 2.84 million tonne to the sugar production of 2013-14. It is estimated that in the 2015-16 season, 24.8 million tonne and in 2017, 28.5 million tonne of sugar will be consumed.

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