An organisation built on trust


Wave Group - a leading business conglomerate that has expanded across industries to create a niche for itself. The integral beliefs of the Group are founded on hard work and team spirit. It has been steered by the long term vision of the Late Mr. Kulwant Singh Chadha since 1963. Today, the Wave Group boasts an impressive portfolio of businesses, including sugar manufacturing, real estate, malls and multiplexes, beverages, sports, education and entertainment.

Wave Group's policy has been to efficiently and effectively optimise its diverse businesses and maximise output by participating in all aspects of business. This has resulted in exponential growth in the Group's productivity, its ability to transform industries and in creating opportunities for entirely new market segments. The business model has evolved significantly through strategic investments in services and technologies, ensuring that the Wave Group maintains its competitive advantage in every sector.

The Wave Group attributes a major part of its success to its visionary, the erstwhile Chairman Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Ponty) Chadha. His pioneering vision to conquer new heights and fulfil the dreams of all its stakeholders is the key to driving the Group to continuously set new benchmarks.

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