Wave Group has distilleries in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. The combined production capacity of molasses and grain base distilleries is 150 KL per day. The plants are equipped with modern technology and designed to maintain zero effluent discharge.

As a result of the adoption of such eco-friendly processes, the distillery in Punjab has received carbon credits. Brands produced at Wave Distilleries include Raffles(Whisky, Vodka, Rum and Gin), Evening Special Whisky and Divine Special Premium Whisky.

India is the fourth largest producer of ethanol in the world and the second largest in Asia. Though, the alcohol production from starchy material is also practiced in India but on a very limited scale, most of the Indian distilleries use sugarcane molasses as raw material.

India produces about 2.75 billion liters of alcohol annually. The demand for drinkable alcohol has been ever increasing with the more liberal attitude, rising middle class (disposable income) and less taboo in the society.

The First distillery in the country was set up at Kanpur(then Cawnpore) in 1805 by Carew & Co. Ltd., for manufacturing of Rum for the army. The technique of fermentation, distillation and blending of alcoholic beverages was developed in India on the lines of practices adopted overseas particularly in Europe.

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